Skills-for-Schools Tool Kits

Background – The National Policy

The National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (NPSDE) 2015 has highlighted several gaps facing the skill development landscape in India. Specifically, section 2.6 says, “One of the major challenges in the country today is public perception on skilling, which is viewed as the last option meant for those who have not been able to progress/opted out of the formal academic system”.

In order to meet these gaps, the policy in section 3.3 mentions that one of its objectives is to “Make quality vocational training aspirational for both youth and employers whereby youth sees it as a matter of choice and employer acknowledges the productivity linked to skilled workforce by paying the requisite premium.”  Additionally, section 4.1.8 of the policy framework highlights, “To further the aspiration and respect associated with skilling, National Skill Awards will be instituted…Participation of India at international platforms will be encouraged." Skills competitions have been endorsed by the Government of India as it realises that it is an effective means to help make skills training aspirational amongst the youth. 

 Skills-for-Schools Toolkit

Following on our previous engagements with the Ministry of skill development in India and the WorldSkills UK, British Council will continue to support raising awareness of vocational education and training. We have created skills tool kit which will act as a resource for teachers and students to learn about vocational and technical skill areas and to experience hands-on-practice.

The tool kit seeks to support students to build on their future career plans by exploring various career opportunities. It will provide avenues for them to try their hands in different trades, and thereby help them gain an understanding of employability skills and, in the process, start thinking of their own career pathways. In creating these tool kits, we have tried to align the courses in the tool kit with those being offered by CBSE in their schools

Using the skills tool kit, students will be able to:

  • gain a better understanding of their own skill sets by trying out different technical and sector specific activities; they will also start to understand and explore skills required for the world of work
  • gain greater knowledge on the career opportunities available out there, while being able to start thinking and beginning to make decisions on their career plans;
  • start thinking about entrepreneurial skills, and gain more knowledge on the subject through the inspirational stories of skill champions.

The toolkits can be downloaded from the below links: