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It is our mission and passion to raise the standards of teaching and learning of English wherever we operate.

The British Council offers a range of scalable solutions to help teachers and students develop their language skills.

You can choose from short, intensive workshops or longer courses that provide participants with specific skill-sets, delivered by expert British Council teachers who specialise in teaching adult learners.

Our courses can be delivered online or face-to-face: the flexibility of online learning meets the impact of classroom delivery in our cutting-edge learning products.

English for academic progress: myEnglish

Our myEnglish course helps your teachers and students improve their language skills and boost their confidence. The teacher follows your progress and gives individual feedback and guidance.

Participants develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for a wide range of real-life situations to help improve fluency, accuracy and confidence in English.

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Employability skills courses

Equip students with the skills needed in a global workplace. Students can improve their employability skills with the British Council’s highly effective short courses, at three different levels: pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate.

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Teacher training

Our practical Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course is designed to help teachers advance in their careers.

Participants gain practical knowledge and experience of new teaching techniques and build their skills in analysing key aspects of teaching such as learner needs, the teaching environment and resources and classroom management.

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Case study

Here is a case study on how we partnered with a private school in Maharashtra to help teachers improve their English language skills.