British Council

The British Council offers a wide range of scalable solutions to help teachers and students develop their language skills. We offer a range of options; choose from short, intensive workshops or go for customised training solutions that provide participants with specific skillsets. Courses are delivered by expert British Council teachers, who specialise in teaching adult learners. The flexibility of online learning meets the impact of classroom delivery in our cutting-edge learning products. 

English Improvement and Progression 

Our English courses help your teachers and students improve their language skills and boost their confidence. Participants develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for a wide range of real-life situations. These scalable and cost-efficient courses are ideal for institutions with a large number of teachers or students, for whom English language learning is a priority. Our courses help improve fluency, accuracy and confidence in English. Courses can be delivered online or in a blend of online and face-to-face. You can also choose a self-paced, independent learning path for your teachers and students. Our courses offer maximum engagement and learning at affordable prices, and help your teachers and students perform more effectively.  

Vocational Skills 

Your students can improve their employability skills with the British Council’s highly effective short courses. Presentation Skills and Email Writing are just a few of our most popular offerings. These courses target specific skills that are critical for job seekers to successfully find employment. They are not only time-efficient but also equip students with the skills needed in a global workplace. You can choose the skill you want participants to develop and the most convenient method of delivery; innovative online or onsite.  

Continuing Professional Development 

Our practical Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course is designed to help teachers advance in their careers. Participants gain practical knowledge and experience of new teaching techniques. They build their skills in analysing key aspects of teaching such as learner needs, the teaching environment and resources, classroom management and so on. This CPD programme draws on the British Council’s global expertise promoting teacher development. Now, enable your teachers to learn anytime and anywhere.  

Next steps for a training intervention for your educational institution

Step 1: First contact 

Contact us to know more.  

Step 2: Discussion and needs analysis 

Our academic experts work with you to establish your teacher/ student needs and help you choose the right learning solutions for your institution. 

Step 3: Proposal and contract 

We will send you a training proposal and course outline with course timings and cost. Once approved we work on agreements.  

Step 4: Online Level Check 

Course participants complete an online level check (for English and language improvement courses). This check help’s us place the participants on the right language level and course. 

Step 5: Course enrolment 

We will work with you to schedule courses and enrol your participants.  

Step 6: Report and certificate 

Participants who successfully complete the course receive a personalised report and British Council attendance certificate.