Why partner with us?

We are a globally trusted brand. Partnering with us gives you access to extensive networks in important global markets, and expertise in international learning, arts and community programmes.


Our network  

  • Established in 1934, the British Council has 191 offices in 110 countries and territories
  • Over 7,000 staff both UK and locally appointed
  • We commit to working in difficult places, and in closed societies wherever possible


Our assets

  • Globally trusted brand, valued at £300m by Interbrand
  • International knowledge of cultures, languages and countries
  • Expertise in education and language teaching, all art forms & creative industries, youth and community engagement, governance and reform
  • Global, homogenous business infrastructure with highly capable delivery capacity
  • Networks at all levels, from young learners to government ministers
  • Close working relationships with UK government departments, national governments and ministries, and international government organisations


Our global audience 

In 2010-11: 

  • We worked with 15,390 government, business and social leaders worldwide
  • 19.8 million people attended our arts exhibitions, performances, and our education fairs
  • We reached 427,000 senior teachers and academics, with 5,300 schools in school links
  • 208,000 people participated in our education exchanges
  • 19,000 volunteers participated in our youth & civil society work
  • 294,000 learners received training in our English teaching centres
  • 1.3 million classroom hours delivered, making us the world’s leading provider of English training
  • 104.5 million people visited us on the web, 143 million listened to our programmes on the radio, and 259 million watched our TV programmes