The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Our passion is the English language and our mission is to provide the best teaching and assessment in the world.

You may not be fully aware of exactly what we do. But our goal is to help you improve your English and fulfil your potential.

When it comes to English, our credentials are second to none. We operate in 49 countries and regions worldwide. And in India, we have been providing high quality English courses for over 70 years.

We create a positive and inclusive learning environment where our learners feel confident using English in the classroom. We are proud to have leaders in the field of English language teaching as part of our team.

So why is this important? Because our expertise underpins everything we do. We are international. We are experienced. And we have a global reputation you can rely on. A reputation of trust, expertise and being always within reach.

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