Teaching is at the heart of our cultural relations work in India. We are the world leader in English language teaching. With over 75 years of language teaching experience, we employ thousands of teachers who deliver 1.3 million classroom hours of English for our English solutions worldwide. We have been teaching in India since 1997. We engage with over 30,000 people every year through our English language courses.

Our courses in India are designed around the specific needs of learners of all ages. So whether you wish to improve your general level of English, develop your career or want to secure a place at a university at home or abroad, we can help you reach your goal.

Our teaching methods are informed by the latest research in language learning. Our classes are enjoyable, interactive and relevant to your needs. As a student, you will be actively involved in the process of learning English and will get a lot of opportunity to practise speaking. We place a small number of students in each class, with a maximum of 20 to achieve individual attention.

Our expert teachers have internationally recognised qualifications and a wide range of experience. They are friendly and approachable and will help you get the utmost benefit from your course. 

Our classrooms are modern and air conditioned. Each classroom is equipped with a white board, a computer and range of audio and video materials.

Our library has a variety of material to help you improve your English language skills. We have an extensive range of books on everything from business & economics, science & engineering, IT to music, film, fashion, sport and travel. We also stock a large collection of newspapers and magazines, online learning resources and DVD's featuring the best of British cinema and television. 

Whether you wish to improve your overall level of English, develop your speaking skills, get your dream job or want to secure a place at a university abroad, learning English with us will help you achieve your goals.