We collaborate with relevant UK experts to contribute to India’s Skills priorities. We also engage with like-minded agencies in order to bring the best of UK expertise to deliver common goals related to high-stake national and international projects. 

We deliver a variety of global projects in the skills segment.

In India, we were actively engaged in technical assistance projects with international agencies like the Asian Development Bank which was running skill development projects in Meghalaya.

The I-Work project in India aimed to improve work opportunities for young people including those from disadvantaged backgrounds by piloting and introducing new approaches to employer led skills development by working with both the public and the private sector. For more information, click here.

In space of teaching and learning of English for enhancing employability skills, the Improving teaching and learning of English and communication skills in West Bengal Polytechnics is a two-year project with the Department of Technical Education, Training and Skill Development. For more information, click here.