As a cultural relations organisation, we aim to create common platforms of association between India and UK through partnerships, collaborations and expert networks to bridge the skills gap and create employable skills among the workforce.

English language being a key skill for employability in the country, we adopt a holistic approach to deliver on our expertise in this area to contribute to the skilling agenda. For more information on our work, click here

We provide several platforms to promote inter-sectorial collaboration and engagements. This is done through research, study tours, partnerships and projects. 

A major part of the funds to support emerging partnerships in the skills segment is provided by the UK-India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI). To know more about UKIERI, please visit the website

In the global landscape, our efforts revolve around improving skills systems, strengthening skill bodies, developing teaching and learning of skills and supporting employment and enterprise. These are done through our network of expertise and international skill partnerships which aim to deliver cost effective ways of transforming educational systems. Seminars, study tours and policy dialogues are used as platforms to share experiences and good practices from the UK.  Also, global success stories are showcased regularly in order to highlight ways in which we have made a positive impact in increasing employer engagement, encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting innovation. To know more about our global initiatives, click here.