We work in partnership with ministries of education and education authorities across India to raise standards in the teaching, learning, and testing of English as a subject.  

We use our experience to improve English teaching and learning opportunities for both teachers and learners, and expand access to high-quality professional development. The programme works through research, insight, stakeholder engagement, professional development of teachers and teacher educators and assessment, curriculum and resources as mechanisms of change.  

We open up access to learning in bilingual or multilingual formal education systems where English is the language of instruction. We understand that many young learners in low- or middle-income countries learn best in their own or a familiar language, so we advocate for language policy and practices that leave no child behind using our experience in multilingual approaches to teaching and the medium of instruction.  

Our recent work in this area include:

Multilingualism and multiliteracy (MultiLiLa) research project

English language and medium of instruction in basic education in low- and middle-income countries: a British Council perspective

Our projects