Schools education conference 2023

The British Council and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have been working together to jointly create programmes and resources that support institutional and systemic development across schools in India. This collaboration has helped create and build a wide range of educational tools and resources, including those that drew on the expertise of UK and Indian professionals and agencies.

Over the years, the British Council has also created several knowledge and skill-based professional development programmes and resources for teachers and education professionals. These offers have been part of our various school and education initiatives co-created with UK education specialists and agencies through our global programmes and initiatives such as Connecting classrooms and the Climate connection.

This conference aims to highlight and showcase a selection of these initiatives through a variety of educational and capacity-building activities, such as masterclasses, workshops, competitions, and plenaries. The aim of this conference is to encourage positive conversations, learn from each other, share knowledge, expertise, and skills with educators, school administrators, policy and decision makers from the Government in India and other South Asian countries.

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  • Increase awareness and use of professional development tools and resources already accessible to educators, school administrators, and instructors.
  • Share knowledge and information about the UK’s and the British Council’s education research initiatives, capacity building programmes and projects.
  • Recognise and celebrate inspiring and successful initiatives by teachers and schools from across the country through competitions and workshops.

Focus strands

Strand 1: Understanding and putting policies into practise using contextually appropriate methods.  

Strand 2: Curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment priorities for 21st century schools

Strand 3: Enhancing computational thinking and digital technology in the classroom.

Strand 4: Integrating environment education, sustainability and mindfulness across subject areas.


India: State government, central government apex body leaders and leaders of school systems including policy makers.

UK: Education experts, agencies, organisations and consultants

Other countries: Live streaming


Kindly refer to the download section to view/ download the detailed programme agenda.  

Please note- the programme is currently subject to change. 


  • Curriculum and pedagogy, assessments, quality assurance in schools.
  • Improving life skills instruction in schools with a focus on the acquisition of core and transversal skills as well as computational thinking via coding.
  • Enhancing leadership skills in schools, including inclusivity, change management, and leadership techniques.
  • Sports and arts integration in schools.
  • Nurturing interconnectedness, compassion, empathy through ecosystem awareness across the greens and blue of our planet.

Limited seats available for face-to-face participation on first come first serve basis.

Video competition

We cordially invite you to participate by creating a brief video that articulates how British Council training programs have positively influenced various aspects of your educational institution. Share your experiences, insights, and the positive changes you have observed since engaging with any of the British Council training initiatives.

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Important dates:

  • Confirm your participation - 24 Nov 2023
  • Submission deadline - 30 Nov 2023