Are you a woman with a degree in a STEM subject and passionate about your study? You could receive a scholarship to study a master's degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics programme at a leading UK university. 

Or, if you have completed a PhD in STEM in the last three years, you could apply for a scholarship for an Early Academic Fellowship.

For the third year, the British Council is launching its Women in STEM scholarship programme in partnership with 21 UK universities with the aim of benefiting women from the Americas, South Asia, East Asia, western Balkans, central Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and Turkey.

We are looking for women with a background in STEM, who can demonstrate their need for financial support and who wish to inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in STEM.

Why a scholarship programme

This scholarship programme aims to increase opportunities in STEM for girls and women, and according to data from the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in 2019 fewer than 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women and only 30 percent of female students select STEM-related fields in higher education, but this number is slowly been gaining momentum with it currently sitting at 35% (Anon, 2022).

A subject breakdown between 2017-18 showed that females studying STEM subjects was particularly low.  Computer Sciences, Engineering & Technology, with 19% opposed to 81% with males.  Physical sciences and mathematics and statistics are stronger at 39% and 37% respectively (with their counterparts at 61 and 63% respectively).

Eligibility criteria

Applicants from India can apply for both Master’s Scholarships and Early Academic Fellowships.

We are looking for women who:

  • can take up a course of study in the UK for the academic year from September/October 2023 – 2024
  • can demonstrate a need for financial support
  • have an undergraduate degree that will enable them to gain access to one of the pre-selected postgraduate courses at a UK university (for Masters level) or completed all components of PhD in the last three years (for Early Academic Fellowships)
  • can attain the level of English required for postgraduate study/research at a UK university 
  • are active in the field with work experience or a proven interest in their subject area
  • are passionate about their course of study and are willing to engage as committed British Council scholarship alumni 

Full eligibility criteria are available below in the documents section - please note that the eligibility for a Master’s Scholarship and Early Academic Fellowships are different. 

You are not eligible for a British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM if you:

  • Hold dual British citizenship
  • Are an employee, a former employee, or relative (*) of an employee of His Majesty’s Government (including British Embassies/High Commissions; the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Department for International Trade; the Ministry of Defence; and the Home Office)
  •  Are an employee, a former employee, or relative (*) of an employee of the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM – eligible countries
  •  (*): Relatives are defined as parents or stepparents, siblings or stepsiblings, children or stepchildren, spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner (where the couple have been in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership for at least two years).
  •  Are currently in receipt of financial support or funding towards your study programme in the UK from any other source
  • Have previously studied in the UK with funding from a UK Government-funded scholarship or a UK institutional scholarship/financial bursary.

 Main benefits

  • academic prestige - the UK’s universities are amongst the world’s leaders in STEM subjects
  • economic support will include tuition fees, stipend, travel costs, visa and health coverage fees
  • special support for mothers
  • English language support

How to apply

Applications should be made directly to the participating universities, please click on the links below for your chosen region or country for specific institutional information. 
You can make more than one application but need to apply through the preferred institution.

Please note that you have to have completed all components of a PhD in the last three years to be eligible for Early Academic Fellowships.

Applications for the academic intake of September/October 2023-24 are now closed. New dates will be announced soon.

Please ensure you check and meet all the eligibility requirements before applying.

After submitting an application, you will then next hear directly from the university about the status of your application.

UK universities

Course type

Courses on offer

Coventry University Website  | Email 


  1. MRes Computer Science 
  2. MRes Engineering

University of Bath
Website  | Email 


  1. Molecular Biosciences (Bioinformatics)
  2. Biotechnology (Sustainable Biotechnologies)
  3. Biotechnology (Healthcare Biotechnologies)
  4.  Molecular Biosciences (Medical Biosciences) 
  5. Drug Discovery 
  6. Environmental Engineering 
  7. Zero Carbon Futures 
  8. Civil Engineering 
  9. Data Science 
  10. Machine Learning & Autonomous Systems 
  11. Computer Science
  12. Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  13. Automotive Technology with Business development
  14. Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design

The University of Manchester
Website  | Email 


  1. MSc Pollution and Environmental Control
  2. MSc Renewable Energy and Clean Technology
  3. MSc Geosciences for Sustainable Energy
  4. MSc Subsurface Energy Engineering
  5. MSc Management of Projects
  6. MSc Biomaterials
  7. MSc Clinical Biochemistry
  8. MSc Genomic Medicine
  9. MSc Health Data Science
  10. MSc Medical Imaging Science
  11. MSc Medical and Molecular Virology
  12. MSc Model-based Drug Development
  13. MSc Molecular Pathology

The University of Southampton


Website  | Email 


  1. Data and Decision Analytics
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Operational Research and Finance
  4. Statistics
  5. Operational Research


South Asia

UK universities Contact
Imperial College London Website Email 
The University of Edinburgh Website Email