Publications in this section present the results of research done as part of our state partnership projects, working with English teachers in the government sector in India. More information about this aspect of our work can be found here.

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English Language Initiative for Secondary Schools (ELISS) Maharashtra – needs analysis report 2013 

The English Language Initiative for Secondary Schools (ELISS) is a partnership project between the British Council and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA). The project aims to reach 20,000 secondary school teachers of English (grades 9 and 10) from government and government-aided schools in Maharashtra between 2013 and 2017. The needs analysis was conducted in June 2013. The report assesses the current levels, attitudes, teaching-learning practices and needs of 1049 key stakeholders, including teachers and learners in grades 9 and 10, principals, parents and education officials. The report has been published online.

EMPower: Developing English teaching in Madhya Pradesh – needs analysis report 2014

Rajya Shiksha Kendra Bhopal in partnership with Unicef and British Council India has launched a three year English Language teacher training programme in November 2014 in Madhya Pradesh. The EMPower programme will improve the quality of English language teaching in primary schools in Mandsaur, Neemuch, Ratlam, Shajapur, Agar, Dewas, Sehore and Ujjain districts. The project aims to familiarise 24,000 primary teachers with learner-centred classroom approaches, improve their confidence in using English and offer increased opportunities for continuing professional development. 

The needs analysis study was conducted in 2013 and explore the current scenario in the state with regards to English language teaching in primary schools. A range of stakeholders participated in a survey, interviews and focus groups to provide insights and information.

English in Education: Bihar Profile (2016) 

English in Education: Bihar Profile has been produced by British Council East India working in cooperation with Pratham. It provides a comprehensive reference document on the teaching and learning of English and education in general in the state and a ‘snapshot’ of current systems and practices at one specific moment in time, late November 2015. It describes systems and current practices, summarises existing research and presents data gathered through the BLISS project. It aims to serve as a foundation for decision-making and a source of information for researchers, organisations and individuals planning to work in Bihar.  

Social attitudes towards the English language in Bihar (2016)

Social attitudes towards the English language in Bihar presents the findings of a research programme led by Dr David Hayes. It identifies the perceptions of the place, value and status of English in India of a range of social groups comprising parents of school-age children, students in higher education and private language schools and professionals (people in employment in the private sector or with the government): almost two thousand respondents in total. Findings emphasise the value respondents place upon the importance and status of English, with significant differences between more and less developed districts and respondents with different degrees of experience with English. The full report and a summary of the report are available for download below. Dr David Hayes also presents research findings in a webinar recording here