Three key reports present recent research into the use of English and skills for empowerment in India and South Asia.

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English skills for employability: setting common standards

Emma-Sue Prince and S Manish Singh

This report explores the role of English in the NSQF, with a particular focus on English as a skill for employability for entry level and semi-skilled employment in the sectors of healthcare, hospitality and construction. It also explores the facilitating role that the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language can play for all languages in India, in the context of the NSQF, to improve the quality of language training and facilitate better progression in learning.

The role of English in skills development in South Asia: policies, interventions and existing evidence

Dr Elizabeth J Erling

While skills development and English language teaching are in high demand, there are issues about how this demand can be met. In order to explore whether the cost of providing English language training as part of skills development is worth the investment, this report explores the evidence that exists about the relationship between education, English language skills, skills development and economic development.

Skills assessment in India

This discussion paper seeks to highlight both the importance and the challenges facing the implementation of third party competence based assessment, critical for ensuring quality in India’s rapidly growing skill development sector. The paper was jointly commissioned by the British Council and the International Labour Organisation.