We commission and carry out research in the field of English language teaching and learning, making the results available for policy makers, researchers and academic through our publications. Our publications can be grouped into the following areas of focus:

Thematic areas:

English and multilingual education in India

Publications in this area explore current trends in the use of English in India within education systems.

Continuing professional development

These resources explore research into teacher and teacher educators' continuing professional development and innovative practice in India and beyond.

Skills for empowerment

Three key reports present recent research into the use of English and skills for empowerment in India and South Asia.

State project research

Publications in this section present the results of research done as part of our state partnership projects, working with English teachers in the government sector in India.

Conference papers

Selected conference papers are published each year following our English Language Teacher Educator Conference – the largest of its kind in the world.

Explorations: Teaching and Learning English in India

This series presents the work of writers who were supported in carrying out and presenting the results of action research on the teaching and learning of English in a wide range of contexts in India. All the writers work, in different capacities, to support learners in developing their English skills.

English language teaching research partnerships awards

This award was implemented to encourage classroom-based action research in English language learning and teaching and stimulate innovation.