National Policy Dialogue on Research Excellence Framework 
February 24-25  2012 

This National Policy Dialogue explored issues around research performance, assessment, framework and opportunities for India-UK collaboration. Discussions focused on the sharing of ideas and approaches to create an ecosystem that supports broadening and deepening research for a higher return on investment.  

Contributions were made by policy makers, university leaders, funding bodies and heads of research councils in India and the UK.

Themes for the event:

The programme debated over research performance in India and the UK developing robust indicators of research excellence for all disciplines which can be used as a yardstick to gauge quality against international standards creating a framework to nurture and support world-leading research bases building clusters, alliances and networks for research excellence opportunities for cooperation within and between India and the UK.

The dialogue will explore these issues and much more, getting to the heart of research performance and assessment and the drivers for strengthening research excellence. It will present challenging issues, provoke lively debate and aim to find useful, practical pathways and practice for participants to take away with them.

Objectives of the dialogue

Through this dialogue, delegates will work towards developing an understanding of current research performance in the context of national policies, institutional frameworks and funding approaches in India and the UK a vision for research excellence and creation of a national framework.

The results of this event include:

  • Identifying examples of good practice
  • Recommendations on ‘quick wins’ and on longer-term initiatives
  • Project ideas and opportunities identified for India - UK collaboration to inform policy
  • A network of professionals with a commitment to shaping the future.

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