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Through policy dialogues, the British Council connects people to debate the challenges and opportunities facing International Higher Education. By encouraging a dialogue between governments, businesses and higher education institutions we explore shifting expectations, responsibilities and contributions from our network of leading edge thinkers within the sector.

The dialogues are designed to: 

  • Shape thought leadership by connecting together policy dialogues; culminating in a global summit at the  Going Global Conferences.
  • Disseminate the debate to a wider audience through digital platforms and forums.

We support communication and dialogue at many levels between the UK and India. Held in different cities, the purpose of these policy dialogues is to inform and strengthen policies and practices, bringing benefits at the state, national, regional and international level. These initiatives also play a critical role in establishing long-term trust and sustained partnerships between higher education institutions worldwide. The common themes emerging from policy dialogues also set the agenda for Going Global, the British Council's Global Internationalising Higher Education summit held annually.

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