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23 June 2021 - 5:48pm

Girl speaking on a virtual call

The British Council SpeakREADY test is an IELTS Speaking mock test to get you Test Ready for the actual IELTS Speaking test including the Video Call Speaking (VCS) IELTS test. It has been recently launched to support candidates to prepare and face the IELTS test more confidently.

The SpeakREADY test session is an online Zoom session that you can avail of sitting in the comfort of your home. It is a 30-minute session conducted by a British Council-trained and certified IELTS expert who takes you through a simulated IELTS speaking test and gives you targeted and specific feedback on your performance. You also get an opportunity to get your doubts cleared and queries about the IELTS speaking test answered by someone who knows the nitty-gritty of the test and will therefore be able to give you the correct, most relevant, and up-to-date information about the IELTS Speaking test.

The thirty-minute session is divided into four main parts.

  1. The first part is aimed at understanding your goal i.e., the IELTS band you wish to achieve. Please note that the IELTS expert will not be able to give you any kind of a band score for your performance but s/he will share tips on how you can achieve your desired goal.
  2.  The second part is when the mock IELTS Speaking test is conducted - the level of the difficulty of questions and time limits are the same as those asked in the actual IELTS Speaking Test. The part 2 cue card will be presented to you on a screen share and the part 3 discussion will follow the same interaction patterns that the examiner will have with you in the real speaking test.

Your job in this part of the session is to perform this simulated test to the best of your ability without feeling nervous. This is a diagnostic exercise. Your errors will allow the IELTS expert to understand your areas of improvement and s/he then will be able to give you clear feedback on those areas. So do not worry too much about the errors. Go ahead and speak up as openly as possible.

3. After the mock test, you will get time to reflect and share your opinion on your own performance during the test.

4.  Then the IELTS expert will give you focused feedback on your performance by referring to the public version of the IELTS Speaking band descriptors. This feedback is the USP of SpeakREADY, as it will clearly help you understand your strengths as well as the areas you need to work on to achieve your desired band.  

For example, if your desired goal is a band 8, the IELTS expert will take you through the public band descriptors for band 8 to explain to you the requirements for this band on the four criteria on which you will be rated in the real test. The IELTS expert will give you advice and tips on how to achieve band 8 by using examples from what you said in the mock test. The idea of highlighting your errors in this part of the session is not to make you feel awkward but to help you become aware of the kind of errors you are making so that you can work on them and avoid them in the real test.

At the end, the IELTS expert will share a list of useful online resources which you can access to improve your language ability so that you can achieve your desired band. There are unlimited resources available on the Internet, not all of them are reliable or useful. The IELTS expert will give you a curated list of resources specifically tailored to help you work on your areas of improvement. This will help you save a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise spend searching for relevant preparation materials on the Internet.

A list of resources will help you to work on specific areas of grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation that may require polish from your end to achieve your high band score.  This part of the session is another USP of the SpeakREADY test as you will get a whole list of high-quality, first-rate preparation materials that are designed by our test experts to help you achieve your dream score. No other mock test will be able to match or surpass this feature of the SpeakREADY Session.

So, if you are aiming high and preparing hard to achieve your dream score in the IELTS Speaking Test, do take the first step of registering for the SpeakREADY Session with the British Council as this session will help you become Test Ready in thirty minutes.


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