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We are not delivering the IELTS SpeakREADY mock test at the moment. We will be resuming the same soon.

About SpeakREADY

IELTS SpeakREADY is a 30-minute face to face mock speaking test with an IELTS assessment expert in a virtual environment through a Zoom call. The session will include a 20 min speaking mock test on the lines of a live test, followed by a 10-minute qualitative feedback session by the IELTS assessment expert. No band score will be awarded.

The mock exam gives you the opportunity to practice your English-speaking skills and receive personalised feedback from a British Council IELTS assessment expert. You can book your IELTS SpeakREADY test for INR 1500/- only and avail the opportunity to gain confidence and achieve your desired score when it comes to the real thing. We would like you to get the most out of your SpeakREADY session. To do so, we have some tips about what to expect and would like to share with you the house rules and other terms and conditions of use. 

What you can expect:

  • A friendly, supportive and highly experienced IELTS assessment expert who is keen to show you how to improve and get the best score in the IELTS speaking test
  • A 30-minute SpeakREADY session using video and audio interaction
  • A short discussion about your IELTS speaking test goal, about whether you have taken the test before, and about what areas you would most like to focus on improving
  • A practice IELTS test that is as close to the real test as possible
  • Clear, individualised feedback on how you managed each different part of the test and how you can improve, as well as feedback on your language and, specifically, which aspects of your language you need to work on in order to achieve your goal score

What you will not get: An IELTS score or estimated IELTS score – sorry, that’s what the IELTS test is for! 

How to ensure a seamless experience

We care about the privacy of our customers and our staff. We also want to ensure that customers enjoy a positive experience that provides them with valuable feedback to improve their IELTS score. To support this, we ask all customers to read, understand and adhere to the SpeakREADY House Rules. 

All Speak Ready sessions are audio and video recorded for quality control and internet safety purposes. 

Please note that the booking for SpeakREADY test can be made until 10 DAYS before the test date.

Your IELTS test assessment expert is not allowed to: 

  • Share her/his personal details or last name
  • Award an IELTS score
  • Extend your SpeakREADY session beyond 30 minutes
  • Cut your SpeakREADY session short
  • Ask you for your personal details, including phone number or other contact details
  • Show you pictures or videos
  • Swear, act rudely or treat you with disrespect
  • Abuse in any form of words or deeds

 If you have any concerns about the IELTS test assessment expert’s behavior during the SpeakREADY session, please contact:  IELTS.SpeakReady@britishcouncil.org

 SpeakREADY sessions are recorded, and any reported concerns will be followed up on.

 SpeakREADY candidates should not:

  • Share personal information with the IELTS test expert during the SpeakREADY sessions: NEVER share your last name, identity card or passport information, phone number, email address or any other information than can identify you personally.
  • Take photographs or make recordings (audio or video) of the SpeakREADY sessions.
  • Share any photographs or recordings (audio or video) of the SpeakREADY sessions with anyone, including on social media.
  • Use the SpeakREADY name or logo for any purpose.
  • Show photographs, videos or any other objects during the SpeakREADY session.
  • Ask for an IELTS score or for confidential information about the IELTS test.
  • Ask for the IELTS test expert’s full-name or contact details.
  • Ask the IELTS test expert any personal questions.
  • Swear, act rudely or treat the IELTS test expert with disrespect.
  • Abuse in any form of words or deeds.


Policies [enquiries, cancellation, rescheduling and refunds]

We want to ensure that you are aware of all policies that might affect any booking, rescheduling, cancellation, or refunds for your session. Please read the following carefully and this content is also contained in the terms and conditions of sale you have read and agreed to above:

1. Enquiries will be responded to within 2 working days of being received. All enquiries should be made to ielts.speakready@britishcouncil.org.

2. Bookings including selecting the timeslot and paying for the session can be made until 10 working days before the session. Ideally, the session would be completed within a month of the payment being first deposited as otherwise it will not be refunded without a justifiable reason.

3. Any requests to reschedule tests should be made 5 working days before the scheduled session time. Ideally, the session would be completed within a month of the payment being first deposited as otherwise it will not be refunded without a justifiable reason.

4. Cancellations with a refund will be allowed 5 working days before the session. An application will have to be made to ielts.speakready@britishcouncil.org using the model cancellation form which can be downloaded from here.

5. There shall be no transfer or refund entertained for any client who is not able to attend their session at the appointed time or wants to stop the test without a valid reason except for force majeure. power outage or other unavoidable technical issues, illness (supported by a doctor’s certificate). In such cases, a rescheduling of the test may be offered at the discretion of the British Council without any further charges. 

6. All complaints must be made by the end of the day in which the session is scheduled by emailing ielts.speakready@britishcouncil.org.

7. Complaints will be reviewed in 5 working days from being submitted. Clients who have had an upheld complaint will be invited to do a free test within 14 days of the original test date. 

8. All sessions will be recorded, and a sample monitored to ensure quality control. Complaints will lead to the session being reviewed for quality purposes.

9. We will be retaining your registration details in our records for the next 3 years from the date of registration.

10. We will also retain your interview recordings for 90 days from the date of your interview.

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