World Voice

World Voice is a pilot arts education program which supports young people to develop musicality and contributes to wider learning through song as a fundamental global expressive art. 
Through World Voice and other arts education projects, we will forge new relationships working closely with officials from two Indian ministries: Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture,  connecting them with each other and linking them with experts in Scotland through workshops, research and development, a seminar and exchange visits.


Listen to Morni performance track below: 

Morni - Performance Track

Morni is a popular folk song from Himachal Pradesh, which looks at the bond between a mother, her daughter and a peacock in the forest that is keeping her awake.

The mother asks, listen o my daughter Why are you so restless? the daughter responds, saying: The peacock is hooting in the next forest, O mother, his hooting has taken away my sleep. Mother says: Let's call hunters and gunner, O daughter we will take this peacock down. Daughter says: No we will not shoot it, I will put it in a cage.


Morni Melodic

This is the melodic version of Morni - a popular folk song from the state of Himachal Pradesh, which was recorded as part of the World Voice Project, in India, with the help of singer Mohit Chauhan .

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