British Council’s Crafting Futures programme in India brought together Indian and UK partners to collaborate on projects which explore new futures for crafts. Since 2019, Crafting Futures has supported 9 groundbreaking collaborations across the two nation’s industry and academia to explore different possible directions for artisan economies.

In 2022/ 23 British Council commissioned the Crafting Connections – a series of consultations with the stakeholders across the value chain of craft in collaboration with Fashion Revolution, India to bring light the connection between crafts, climate crisis and the potential to inspire a climate positive fashion and textile industry. The resulting stakeholder insight report “Craft in the Age of Climate Crisis Climate Resilience through Craft: A path to Sustainable Fashion in India “ offers anecdotal evidence alongside key recommendations for the craft and fashion sector.

About Fashion Revolution India

Fashion Revolution India is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advocating for a clean, safe, fair, transparent, and accountable fashion industry. As part of the global Fashion Revolution movement spanning over 75 countries, Fashion Revolution India envisions a fashion industry that prioritises the conservation and restoration of the environment while valuing the well-being of people over growth and profit. Fashion Revolution was founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 and has grown into the world’s largest fashion activism movement uniting citizens, industry stakeholders, and policymakers. Our organisation drives change through education, research, and advocacy work.

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