The Essentials of Living 

Curated by Suki Dhanda, co-ordinated by Cop Shiva.

Organised by British Council, supported by Outset India and 1Shanthi Road

The exhibition title is taken from the classic 1973 Hindi film, which in English translates as; Food, Clothing and Shelter. The bare necessities of life.

The exhibition is the culmination of a workshop led by London-based photographer Suki Dhanda with seven young photographers who explored the city of Bengaluru, excavating through their work the many layers of the concept of homelands. The workshop was part of the British Council’s “Homelands” exhibition, which is currently touring South Asia. 

The seven Bangalore-based photographers were selected to participate in a workshop for three weeks. All had some previous knowledge of photography, and over the duration 1.Shanthiroad became a hub to learn from visiting artists, and it was also a time to connect with each other.

Through the workshop we explored ideas of home, belonging, identity and located ourselves in a context of documenting the here and now, to touch and depict a diverse reality of people.

In this workshop each photographer has pushed his and her limitations to explore their own interpretation, may it be from personal experiences or to enter a new territory that was unfamiliar.

This project has given them a chance to develop a new body of work and the confidence to take it further.

Photographer and co-oordinator, Cop Shiva’s support has been vital in putting the show together.