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The British Council along with the Alkazi Foundation started a unique photographic initiative on 1 July, 2015 called PHOTOUK-INDIA to promote the works of emerging and established photographers from the UK and India. This is to culminate in an exhibition and publication in October 2015. The initiative received an overwhelming response after the last date for entries closed on Saturday, 25 July, 2015.


The connection shared by the UK and India has morphed and grown, influencing what we see, what we want, and who we are. It therefore also influences what we remember, as memories keep developing and amending, allowing us to re-imagine our identities today and change or condition our geographies, locations and situations. Consequently, this thematic issue seeks a refreshed unravelling of the meaning of Origins by privileging narrative-based photo submissions about family formations, histories, travel, metropolitanism, journalism and art practice as forms of visual communication.

For PHOTOUKINDIA, the added networking between photographers and writers is an essential means by which divides and fusions can be addressed - through fiction, poetry and even biographical sketches. The synthesis or exchange of cultures leads as much to mixtures as it does to tensions, and these could be explored and critically discussed. That is to say, with analogue thinking and digital practice – identity and belonging are always being negotiated. Hence, the UK-India issue seeks not only to present photography in visual terms, but also in interdisciplinary ways.

Date for launch of exhibition & photo catalogue: October 15, 2015, Char Bagh, British Council, New Delhi 

Duration of the exhibition: The exhibition is open for all till 17 January, 2016 

Curator: Rahaab Allana

Editor: Nandita Jaishankar

List of participating photographers: (Click on the names to know more

Photographers  Projects  Photographers   Projects
Alan Knox Schengland, 2014 Karan Kapoor Anglo-Indians, 1979-80
Alexandra Lethbridge  Interventions, 2011 Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte Away Home, 2013-14
Alexandra Văcăroiu  My Favourite Memory I Didn’t Have A Photograph Of, 2014 Laura Pannack Young British Naturists, 2011-12
Arpita Shah  Portrait of Home, 2014 Liz Orton  Deltiologies, 2013
Bharat Choudhary  The Silence of Others, 2009-2012 Nikhil Roshan  Sons of the Soil, 2012-14
Blazej Marczak  The Grey City, 2013-2015 Nupur Nanal  Stories of Cultural Migration, 2014 (ongoing)
Caroline Douglas An Attendant’s Portrait, 2013 Pallavi Gaur Origin of Love, 2013-14
Craig Gibson Born After Birth, 2014 Patrick Sutherland Spiti, 1993-2013
Devansh Jhaveri The Red Dress Project, 2014-15 Philipp Ebeling Sunday Best, 2011-12 (ongoing)
Dougie Wallace Road Wallah, 2013 Rachel Cunningham Spectres, 2010
Evan Thomas Circles and Squares, 2006 Ravikumar Kashi Here / There, 2004-15
James W. Norton  Suspended Landscapes, 2015 Robert Ormerod Red Road, 2010
Jocelyn Allen Covering the Carpet, 2014 and Opening Tinder, 2014 Ryan Lobo High Noon in Lucknow, 2014-15
John Glenday An Apple, A Boulder, A Mountain, 2014 Sarah Amy Fishlock A Citizens’ Archive, 2013-14
Srinivas Kuruganti Caught Between the Moon and New York City, 2007 Signe Emma  Airline Food, 2012
    Wendy McMurdo  The Girls’ School, 2015 (work in progress)

List of participating authors:

Chandrahas Choudhary    
Bhrigupati Singh    
Christopher Pinney    
Clare Harris     
Divia Patel     
Janice Pariat    

Terms and Conditions

1. The PHOTOUKINDIA project is a cultural, non-commercial initiative and no images will be used for sale. Any image usage other than the exhibition is only for publicity/publication of the selected work for the promotion of the artist within the context of the exhibition itself. Permission will be sought prior to usage in any other form.

2. The British Council would bear the site-specific production costs of the artworks, i.e., printing, framing and fabrication.

3. The copyrights for any photographs used will rest with the photographer. The British Council would like to showcase the work for PHOTOUKINDIA only and provide full accreditation to the photographer. 

4. As there are plans for the exhibition to travel in India and internationally, the British Council would like to showcase the photographs till such exhibitions are realised. Further updates will be available once the final selections are made.

5. Please note that once the exhibitions are over, the displayed works would be destroyed. 


About Rahaab Allana, Curator of PHOTOUKINDIA

Rahaab Allana is Curator of the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts in New Delhi and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society in London. After completing an MA in Art History from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, he had an early engagement with the National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), and has subsequently curated, edited and contributed to national and international arts institutions and publications. 

About Nandita Jaishankar, Editor of PHOTOUKINDIA

Nandita Jaishankar studied Anthropology at McGill University (Montreal) and Asia Pacific Studies at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver). Since 2003, she worked as an editor with publishing houses in New Delhi such as Roli, Dorling Kindersley and Niyogi Books. 

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