Aptis is a reliable tool that you can integrate as an assessment element in your English development programmes, and existing systems and as a national proficiency benchmark.

You can use Aptis to

  • assess English language skills of employees, teachers and students and benchmark them to an international standard (CEFR). 
  • conduct language audits to identify training needs
  • pinpoint areas needing further training to inform your upskilling plans.
  • measure the success of language training projects at various stages
  • get an accurate assessment of individuals that need to meet a certain English language level requirement.

Measure the effectiveness of your English language projects

Aptis provides you with accurate results, mapped to the international standard of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It allows you to easily compare language proficiency over a period of time and after training programmes. Based on the test results, you can make informed decisions on policy making, future training needs and workforce development. 

Optimise the assessment process

With Aptis you can test English proficiency of all or just select language skills. It can be delivered securely in any environment, even on a large scale both online and offline.  The test is suitable for any candidate, regardless of their skill level. Its flexibility allows you to optimise the time and resources required for English language testing.

Choose a test you can trust

We put a lot of emphasis on research, from test development through to marking, quality assurance and evaluation. Aptis is developed by our team of experts, based on the latest theory in assessment, the socio-cognitive framework and our ongoing research work. Our strict examiner monitoring rules ensure that results are accurate and reliable and you can have trust in them when developing education programmes, school curricula and English policies.

Efficient testing for projects of all kinds

Aptis is not just a test which can help you benchmark your employees’ English skills. It is also an innovative assessment tool, where different aspects of Aptis can be adapted to better suit your needs. This means you get to choose what is relevant for your project. As a ministry or an NGO, you can complement your current English development projects with an Aptis assessment. Use it at the beginning, middle and end of the training to accurately evaluate the progress of your candidates.

With Aptis you can:

  • benchmark English language skills of employees, teachers and students
  • identify training needs for different audiences through language audits
  • filter potential candidates for interviews and current employees for promotion.

Assessment designed to suit your needs

In addition to the General Aptis version, we have also designed variants specifically for teachers and teenagers. With Aptis for Teachers and Aptis for Teens you can assess their language proficiency in a relevant and reliable way to inform your language policies.

We can also work with your teams to develop customised assessment solutions that meet the specific needs of the local context at an international standard and ensure the sustainability of the testing system.

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