Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding UK Alumni who have made an impact through their work in their respective fields. 

Abinav Sridharan

Abinav Sridharan is a winner of Culture & Creativity Award category.

He is a multi-faceted singer and ethnomusicologist from Chennai. After graduating in Opera performance & Ethnomusicology from King’s College, London. He actively works on amalgamating Opera and Indian Classical music.Presently working as a music educator and performer, he coaches over 150 students from all over the world with an aim to propagate Classical music art forms amongst the youth through his venture.

Gauri Malik

Gauri Malik is a Winner in Social Action award.

She is a Finance & Economics graduate from Warwick Business School. She began her career as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank,after which she founded the Skilled Samaritan Foundation. The brand that fuses modern design with traditional craft to handcraft home and lifestyle products. Her vision is to build a micro-entrepreneurship platform to provide tech-based design support and market access to women skilled in crafts.

Rohit Mukul

Rohit Mukul is the Winner of Business and Innovation award category.

He is CEO and founder of Zeelab Pharmacy – a purpose driven business on a mission to bring affordability in healthcare sector in India. Studying management and law in the UK for four years provided Rohit with the foundation in the fundamentals of managing people within the real-world context along with an all-round well-equipped academic exposure to excel as a leader at a global enterprise.

Sandip Ballal

Sandip Ballal is the winner of Science and Sustainability Award category.

He is a Certified Energy Manager with over 11 years of experience & a dynamic professional with Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Staffordshire University. His excellent knowledge of building energy & methods for examining or making recommendations about current systems capabilities & installations to deliver creative and unique solutions that help companies work more efficiently with their current physical location.