In the UK-India Year of Culture (2017) and the 70th year of the British Council in India (2018), we strengthened our partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh by supporting the ambitious vision that Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu had set for the state.

The Andhra Pradesh Higher Education English Communications Skills project, in partnership with Andhra Pradesh government and the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE), aimed to empower 86,000 learners in English and employability skills across 198 higher education institutions in the state. We trained 112 Master trainers who cascaded training to 1,833 teachers with a strong focus on continuing professional development. A total of 86,134 students from 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh have enrolled on the British Council’s blended learning course.

Our English language training and assessment solutions designed as per the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. The CEFR allows an objective, standardised indication of language level in each skill.

Benefits of CEFR for employers and organisations

  • carries international recognition
  • helps to simplify the recruitment process  
  • saves training and recruitment costs
  • helps to hire qualified candidates with good communication skills 
  • to set benchmarks during talent recognition
  • provides an indication of performance and ability to function in communicative contexts.

We offer a range of world-class English language proficiency assessments mapped to the CEFR. These assessments, especially Aptis, our cutting-edge test developed by the world’s leading assessment experts, can add real value to the recruitment process by serving as a selection tool. Students who are part of this project take Aptis, an assessment that is recognised by employers across the world.

This project stood out because it aligned to the priorities of Government of India and Andhra Pradesh on improving the employability of young people and creating a knowledge eco-system in the state. It offers a comprehensive, innovative and a systemic change solution, as the first project of its kind that was guided by Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu’s vision of developing an improved educational ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh, ‘We aim to transform Andhra Pradesh state into a knowledge hub by providing quality education and giving opportunities for students to develop employability skills among the universities and colleges in the state.’


  • 198 participating institutes, 13 districts  
  • 112 Master trainers trained   
  • 1,833 teachers trained  
  • 86,134 students enrolled in our blended learning course  
  • 13000+ students completed the course and took the British Council’s Aptis assessment   
  • 150 nodal officers trained through webinars  
  • 40 days each of intensive Monitoring and Evaluation for teachers and learners  
  • 98 per cent of Master Trainers agreed that the 12-day training improved their training skills  
  • 97 per cent of teachers strongly agreed that they acquired new skills  
  • 99 per cent of teachers are extremely willing to apply their newly acquired skills to make their classroom learner- centred.

What our stakeholders say

Ganta Srinivaso Rao, Minister of Human Resource Development says, “With a vision to equip students with necessary employability skills and teacher with modern training methods, the AP government has partnered with the British Council.

Ajayendra Rudraraju, Master Trainer, British Council Blog winner says, “The impact of the Master Trainer Training programme and Teacher Training programme would be huge in the coming months and years. The teachers would facilitate the process of making the students come forward and talk and express their ideas. This would enable the students to express themselves without inhibitions, enhance their communication and employability skills. The course designed by the British Council would be greatly beneficial to the teachers and students in this regard.”  

Dr Shridar Patnaiyak, Principal, Vignan Institute of Technology and Management says, “We are very much thankful to the British Council for providing this opportunity to our students to train them up in the English communication skills. This started in the year 2017, earlier the students’ communication skills were not at par with the students of the urban areas. Our college is situated in the rural area so most of the students’ family background are from the farmers. So, the placements whatever are conducted, somewhere around nine placements have taken in our campus and 41 students are placed. Earlier the count was less because of less communication skills. Because of the British Council communication skills training, we have got a good number of admissions in the campus placements.”  

Mattaparthi Praveen, Student, Swarnandhra Institute of Engineering & Technology says, “It’s a great opportunity for all the students to enhance their English communication skills. This program helps to speak fluently and in a formal way. It also builds interrelationship between the students and the faculty due to the exercise and activities we have done in the past. If you increased the group activities it will be very Interesting and useful. I am very glad to take part in this program."