Refund and transfer policy

In certain situations you may need to postpone or cancel your test.

If you cancel your test or request a transfer of the IELTS exam up to five weeks prior to the scheduled test date, the test centre will charge an administration fee. 

Candidates have the option to transfer to another test date, by paying Rs.2825/- towards transfer fee five weeks prior to the exam

 If you cancel your test or request a transfer within five weeks of the test date for medical reasons, you must provide supporting medical evidence within five working days of the test date. Only evidence of serious illness will be considered. Only original medical certificates will be accepted and this must state your inability to appear for the test on the scheduled test date.

If you cancel your test within five weeks of the test date for any reason other than a medical issue, bereavement or hardship/trauma, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.

If you need to postpone or cancel your test due to the bereavement of a close family member or hardship/trauma, valid evidence is required for an exemption to be made.

Download the applicable form and send it to us along with the appropriate documents and/or evidence no later than five working days after the test date via e-mail, fax or post. Documents accepted include a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death certificate or a police report.

Once the transfer application has been approved for the selected test date, the candidate will be granted a transfer. Please note that candidates are only allowed to transfer their test date once.

If you pay for your IELTS exam through the ICICI Bank, but do not complete your registration for the exam with us within three months of payment date, the full amount of your exam fee will be forfeited and we will not be able to grant a refund or fee adjustment against any exam date. 

Candidates who cancel their IELTS test at least five weeks prior to the test date will receive a refund. 

Candidates who request for a cancellation of their registration more than five weeks prior to the test date will receive a refund of Rs.8475/-. 

Send the form to us via email or post. If the application is approved, the centre will refund the amount by cheque to the communication address mentioned on the application form.