You can take an IELTS test on paper or a computer at one of our official test centres in India.

Either way, you will be taking exactly the same IELTS test, with the same test content and structure. The only difference is that you can choose to type your answers or write them on paper – whichever suits you best.

IELTS on computer vs IELTS on paper

IELTS on the computer - You will answer the Listening, Reading and Writing sections on a computer at one of our official test centres. The Speaking test will be with a trained IELTS Examiner, either in-person or via a high definition video call.

With computer-delivered IELTS, you will now have more test dates to choose from - and computer-delivered results will be available in 3-5 days.

IELTS on paper - If you choose this option, you will write the answers to the Listening, Reading and Writing sections on paper.

The Speaking test will be conducted with a trained IELTS Examiner, either in-person or via a high definition video call.

Your results will be available after 13 calendar days from the test date.


Practising for the IELTS on computer test

Free Computer-delivered IELTS Familiarisation Test- Experience the computer-delivered IELTS test system before you sit the real test and know what to expect on the test day.

More practice tests for computer-delivered IELTS - The sample test questions will help you to decide which option you prefer, and to prepare for the test. These sample materials will give you an idea of what to expect in the Listening, Reading and Writing sections.


Understanding the IELTS on computer test

Familiarising yourself with the system in advance may benefit you to score better. 

Watch videos to understand how the four modules will appear on your computer, and learn how to use the help option, make notes and highlight text during the computer-delivered test. Watch more videos


Which IELTS test is best for me?

Choosing the format of the test is your personal preference.

Some test-takers prefer to write and take the paper-based exam as this might feel similar to other exams. Others might feel more comfortable typing the answers on a computer.

Test takers who think their handwriting is not clear may also like to choose the computer-delivered test format.

Is the format of the computer-delivered test, same as the paper-based test?

Yes, the computer-delivered test covers all four skills as paper-based: Listening, Reading and Writing. The test is the same in terms of content, scoring, level of difficulty and question types. The Speaking test for both the test formats will still be conducted by a certified IELTS examiner.

Is the computer-delivered test easier because it is marked by a computer?

This is a myth. There is no difference in the difficulty level of the tests because the assessment criteria for IELTS is the same.

Do I need to bring my laptop or PC?

No, you do not need to bring your laptop or PC to the test centre. All equipment is provided by the test centre.

Does the computer-delivered IELTS mean I’ll get my results sooner?

Yes, you will receive your results in 3-5 days, If you take the computer-delivered IELTS test.

Is computer-delivered IELTS test more expensive than paper-based?

The fee for paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS test is the same.

What are the advantages of taking IELTS on computer?

There are many advantages of taking IELTS on computer.

- More test dates availability

- Get faster results in 3-5 days.

- Take all four skills test on the same day.

- If you prefer to type or worry about your handwriting, it is advisable to choose IELTS on the computer.

Can I complete all four IELTS skills test on the same day, if I take computer-delivered IELTS?

Yes, you will be able to take all four IELTS skills - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests on the same day.

Will the dictionary and spellcheck tools be available, if I take computer-delivered IELTS test?

No, the spell check and grammar hints tool will not be available. You will have an automatic word count, so you can focus on the test and not worrying about word count.

What does the IELTS on Computer test room look like?

Rooms are quiet for the exam. You will be given a designated seat with high-quality headphones connected to the computer. 

Can I highlight and make notes on the computer?

Just like an internet browser, you can use your mouse to select the text, then right-click to add a highlight or note.

Can I adjust font size?

Yes, you can click on the "setting" tab on the top right of the screen and select your preferred font size.

Can I pause or restart my Listening test?

No, the listening test begins at the same time for all candidates. The timing of the listening test is between 30 – 36 minutes. The recording will be played once only. Please ensure that you listen carefully.

Can I move back to the previous screen to check my answers?

Yes, you can return to any question by clicking the numbers on the screen.


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