At the British Council, you are not learning English on your own. All our courses are taught by experienced, internationally qualified teachers who are best placed to give constructive, individualised feedback and monitor your progress through regular in-class evaluated tasks.

Meet some of our myEnglish teachers:

Avinash Govindarajan

I’ve been teaching English for 4 years and communication training for over 7 years. Although I’ve primarily worked in India, I've taught learners from across three different continents! I have Certificates in teaching English and in e-learning and am completing my diploma in English teaching. I love exploring how English use varies across cultures and countries, especially with humour. I am interested in music and the visual arts. When I'm not teaching I play the guitar or make home movies.

Ellora Chowdhury

I’ve been teaching English and training in communication skills for over ten years. I have a certificate in teaching English and also a qualification in online teaching. I love teaching online because it gives me the opportunity to reach a wider audience. My interests are reading, travelling and working with animals.


I’ve been teaching English since 2012. I have a certificate in teaching English. I’ve taught Business English and communication to learners from all over India. The one thing I like about teaching online is that it allows both teacher and student to use those 21st century skills which are an integral part of our personal and professional lives. When I am not working, I like to learn about my work and different subjects and fields, through MOOCs.

Purbani Das

I’ve been teaching English for three years. I worked in Leeds, England and in Calcutta, India before joining The British Council's myEnglish team. I have a certificate in English Language Teaching and one in e-moderation. My favourite thing about teaching online is the flexibility it offers. My interests include literature, pop culture and the fine arts.

Rajul Goveas

I’ve been teaching English since 2012 after getting my Certificate in teaching English. Before joining myEnglish, I taught English to underprivileged young learners with a Consular Services ACCESS language program and spoken English to young adults with Teach India initiative. I like the challenge of interacting with learners online while teaching a variety of levels and developing their language skills. I love travelling, listening to jazz and am a big time yoga fan.

Ranjitha Janardhan

I’ve been teaching English for over 9 years, and have worked in India and in the UK. I have both a Certificate in teaching English and e-moderating. I am particularly interested in using technology in blended learning. When not working, I grow my own vegetables and try to educate people on the techniques of gardening.

Santosh Agarwal

I’ve been teaching for more than 8 years. I’ve taught English in India and Europe to students of all ages. I have a Certificate in teaching English and have completed one module at Diploma level, as well as an online teaching certificate. I am currently completing a course for teacher trainers. I have a creative bent of mind and love art in any form! In fact I also did a diploma in Interior Decoration to learn more about this. In my free time I love to read books and watch movies.