British Council courses offer much more than just learning English. Our courses create interactive, learner-centered environments in which they provide learners with the tools and skills they need to communicate effectively in English. Our e-learning and m-learning solutions offer flexibility, access and convenience where the learner can engage with the content at any time, anywhere – this means no ‘missed classes’! And most importantly, our products allow for continuous assessment where learner progress can be tracked both on learning outcomes and time spent on the course.

Learn English Pathways

LearnEnglish Pathways is a comprehensive series of eight self-study courses organised across four levels (A1 to B2) of the Common European Framework:

Each course is between 30 and 40 hours long and aims to develop learners’ language through a variety of interactive online lessons. The courses are designed for self-study and require little or no support. On each course learners have access to dozens of activities, practicing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and many other aspects of English. 


Turn your love of Cricket into success with English! A variety of listening activities, video content, games, conversations, cricketing facts, fun tasks and language exercises will help your employees actively engage with the content and learn while having fun. 

Available at 3 levels of difficulty, EnglishStrokes will help your employees learn useful vocabulary, improve their grammar and spoken English, while developing listening skills, pronunciation of English, fluency and accuracy. This, then, leads to greater confidence and improved communicative ability.

LearnEnglish Select

Master the language of success with LearnEnglish Select, the British Council’s new Self-Access Learning course for English for the workplace and English for employability.