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British Council

This service forges a long-term partnership between the British Council and your organisation that will deliver results. It provides comprehensive support: from recruitment through in-house training to operations. We specialise in time-bound and quality solutions for the BPO and KPO industries.  

  • Promotes quality-driven and sustainable solutions based on a close and thorough working relationship between our consultants and your recruitment, training and quality management teams.
  • Features a range of services and products which can be custom-built to deliver your specific needs.
  • Role-profiling, also known as language benchmarking, establishes the linguistic demands for specific roles within your organisation.
  • Covers all coaching and training needs from a customer-service focus.
  • Provides ongoing support through regular visits, audits, observations and recommendations.
  • Offers instructional design programmes to upskill your training team's content development.