There are many websites that can be helpful for students looking to pursue their education in the UK. Depending on your specific needs and interests, here are some of the most useful websites.

Study in the UK
An online guide for students interested in studying in the UK featuring articles on UK courses, qualifications, scholarships, and visas, as well as information on student life in the UK, to find out more click here.

Find a University
To learn about choosing a university in the UK, click here.

Find a course
To learn about courses in the UK, click here.

Review and compare courses 
To access up-to-date information about the quality of higher education in UK institutions by ranking, click here.

Moving to the UK
To learn about preparing to live in the UK, click here.

Student Visas
To get Information about UK visa procedures, and guidance notes including application forms and contact details, click here.

A comprehensive guide on scholarships and fellowships available for study in the UK, to find out more click here.

UK Council for International Student Affairs 
To get information, advice and support for international students, click here.

Universities and college Admissions Services (UCAS)
To get information about UCAS and the application process for undergraduate and HND courses, click here.

Association of Colleges
To get more information on further education, click here.

International Centre for Distance Learning  
For access to the database of UK courses and programmes taught by distance learning, visit ICDL, and The Council for Independent Education. 

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