Sheffield Street Art

Sheffield is blessed with the perfect cocktail for fine street art: a diverse range of talented artists, suitable buildings, and a public with a general appreciation for creativity. 

Collectively, these artists are adding a colourful, cultural depth to the transient urban skyline. The subjects of these artworks encapsulate the bright, the mysterious, the humorous and the fantastical.

By transforming the facade of a derelict factory or brightening up a dreary gable end, they encourage people – whether commuters, residents or visitors – to stop and look at their surroundings. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Our Favourite Places, Sheffield’s popular Culture Guide, present you some of their street art highlights from the south-west area of the city centre. The interactive map and photo tour includes art works from internationally renowned artist Kid Acne, Phlegm, EMA, Faunagraphic and the unmistakable work of Rocket01 featuring portraits of Charles Darwin and Sir Patrick Moore.

Graffiti by artist Rocket01 of Charles Darwin in Sheffield
Charles Darwin ©

Artwork: Rocket01 Photograph: Calum Crowther

Birds and an Eye  ©

Artwork: Faunagraphic Photographer: Calum Crowther

Graffiti of the slogan You'll thank me one day
You'll thank me one day ©

Artwork: Kid Acne. Photographer: Calum Crowther

A graffiti by the artist Phlegm
Rutland Arms ©

Artwork: Phlegm. Photographer: Calum Crowther

A graffiti portrait of David Attenborough
David Attenborough ©

Artwork: Rocket01. Photographer: Calum Crowther

Street artists have left their distinctive mark in many places around Sheffield, including on Bloc Billboards which function as an extension of the Bloc Projects gallery space. The billboards host the work of contemporary artists such as Jeremy Deller, and are changed every couple of months. In recent years, various artists have also adorned the entrance of Sheffield's Millennium Gallery, currently home to a new piece of work by Florence “EMA” Blanchard. 

There are many other great works of art painted and pasted in and around the city, many of which appear and disappear over the course of a few months. 

Take a look at the #sheffieldstreetart tag on Instagram for the most current works.

For the full tour with walking directions, check out Will Robert’s original article on Our Favourite Places, an independent guide to the creative and unconventionally beautiful city of Sheffield. 

Courtesy of Our Favourite Places

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