Students and a teacher in a classroom
Students and a teacher in a classroom

The International Dimension Co-ordinator should promote International Awareness throughout the school, the wider school community and the local  community.

This can be achieved by:

  • Arranging international activities within the school.
  • Inviting visitors from other countries into school.
  • Initiating communication links with other schools in the UK and  abroad.
  • Reporting to staff and governors as appropriate.
  • Providing articles about recent international work for the school magazine.
  • Informing the local media of international events taking place in the school.

The role of the International Coordinator:

  • To have overall responsibility for successfully applying for the International School Award.
  • To be responsible for conducting an annual audit outlining the schools action plan for developing an International Dimension.
  • To contribute towards a school policy statement on the International Dimension.
  • To develop an International dimension throughout the school by helping colleagues develop cross-curricular projects within each year group.
  • To help the school celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage and ethnic diversity within the school through the assemblies, international days/weeks, etc.
  • To plan for the International Dimension by liaising with all staff.
  • To regularly evaluate the impact of international activities.
  • To develop and maintain resources to promote the International Dimension.
  • To develop, monitor and support global school links and  exchanges.
  • To liaise with and support visitors from  other countries.