This section has bibliography for those interested in further reading. The publications below vary in type and do not all have a named author, so they are not listed alphabetically. All URLs were working as of September 2014. 

The bibliography is of documentation, either commissioned or shared by partners and other organisations, on individual sectors such as Education, including science and innovation and skills; Youth and Citizenship; English Language Teaching and Training, Business and the Arts. Other reports of interest to the India-UK relationship are also available.

Cultural Relations


  • FY15 Outlook: Education Sector
  • Indian Student Mobility To Selected European Countries-An Overview
  • UNESCO Report: Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all
  • National Employability Report, MBA Graduates 2012. Report can be downloaded on registration
  • Education and equality: Sukanta Chaudhuri, The Telegraph (Download Part 1 and Download Part 2)
  • Education in India: Securing the demographic dividend, by Grant Thornton in partnership with the UK-India Business Council, March 2010 (32 pages)
  • 40 million by 2020: Preparing for a new paradigm in Indian Higher Education, Ernst & Young - EDGE 2011 report (56 pages) Download
  • India: The uneven innovator, Kirsten Bound, Demos, 2007 (68 pages) Download
  • Knowledge nomads: why science needs migration, by Natalie Day and  Jack Stilgoe, Demos, 2009 (98 pages) Download
  • Linking Innovators: Why the UK and India need to collaborate in a recession-hit world, by Brune Poirson, February 2009 (19 pages) Download
  • Our Frugal Future: Lessons from India's innovation system, Kirsten Bound and Ian Thornton, Demos, July 2012 (94 pages) Download
  • Private sector participation in Indian higher education, FICCI Higher Education Summit 2011 (68 pages) Download
  • India: Country Strategy Paper 2007-2013 Mid-Term Review, European External Action Service, April 2010 (22 pages) Download
  • Student Insight India, British Council Education Intelligence, August 2012 (20 pages) Download (summary only)
  • Knowledge, Networks and Nations: Global scientific collaboration in the 21st century, Royal Society, March 2011 (114 pages) Download


  • Connections Through Culture Feasibility Study: India, by Alice Cicolini, undated (34 pages). Not available online
  • India-UK Connections through Culture, by Nelson Fernandez & Associates, 27 February 2009 (68 pages) Not available online
  • The UK and India: A partnership for research, AHRC and RCUK, September 2012 (14 pages) Download
  • Report of the Working Group on Art and Culture for XI Five-Year Plan and Proposals for XI Five-Year Plan (2007-12) & Annual Plan (2007-08), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, January 2007 (389 pages) Download


  • Report: Study on Youth Leadership and Global Citizenship Initiatives, Saarthak Development and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, October, 2012 (74 pages) Download
  • Next Generation UK: Research with UK undergraduates aged 19-21, Gavin Ellison & Anne Gammon, December 2011 (103 pages)
  • Evaluation of National Citizen Service; July 2013 (79 pages). Download
  • Service International, Jonathan Birdwell, Demos 2011 (137 pages) Download
  • Pakistan: The next generation, British Council, November 2009 (45 pages) Download
  • Bangladesh: The next generation, British Council, June 2010 (19 pages) Download


  • A collection of research and publications from the British Council. Download 
  • The Returns to English-Language Skills in India, Mehtabul Azam (World Bank and IZA), Aimee Chin (University of Houston and NBER), Nishith Prakash (Dartmouth College, CReAM and IZA),  IZA Discussion Paper No. 4802, March 2010 (35 pages) Download
  • English Language Premium: Evidence from a policy experiment in India, Shilpi Kapur & Tanika Chakraborty, Washington University in St Louis, September 29, 2008 (32 pages) Download


  • Voice of CFO Survey, Confederation of Indian Industry, November 2012 (PPT, 11 slides) Download
  • Growth reimagined: The hearts and soul of India, PwC, April 2011 (16 pages) Download
  • Ready for the transition: Ernst & Young's 2012 attractiveness survey, India, Special edition for the WEF annual meeting 2012, Davos, Switzerland (42 pages) Download