Changing Moves Changing Minds is an international partnership between the British Council, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which challenges gender stereotypes and opens up opportunities to girls and boys through play, cricket and dance.

The project aims to reach over 100,000 students in India in its three years by training 80 master trainers who will in turn train 1,200 teachers in government and private schools to deliver specially developed lesson plans in integrated classes. As part of the project, a six-week pilot scheme in primary schools will promote the strong connection between dance and sport, and challenge traditional stereotypes of both cricketers and dancers. The pilot will comprise of a series of workshops to be held in primary schools within two miles of Lord’s Cricket Ground in St. John’s Wood. Classes will be delivered together by a RAD Registered Teacher and an MCC coach. Focusing on strength, stamina, balance and fitness and the links between sport and dance, this project hopes to encourage more boys to dance and more girls to play cricket.

Changing Moves Changing Minds draws on our 10-year experience of teaching in Government schools in India, where our teacher training programmes have reached 1 million teachers and over 70 million children. Changing Moves Changing Minds will draw on the British Council’s International Inspirations programme, created for the London Olympics and which reached over 4 million children in India. The Royal Academy of Dance delivers dance exams in centres across India.

Royal Ballet Principal Dancer and cricket enthusiast Alexander Campbell has been named as the RAD’s Ambassador for the project. The launch of Changing Moves Changing Minds is the culmination of the British Council’s highly successful UK-India Year of Culture.