This collection of first-person stories give examples of the impact our work has had on the careers of stakeholders we have worked with.

Hear from the stakeholders

Karuna Mastkar

Teacher, Government Higher Secondary School, Pagnispaga, Indore, India

'I am happy to know that I am able to inspire other teachers and make a difference'.

Karuna Mastkar shares how the skills she gained from a British Council project in India have helped her excel in and outside the classroom.

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Pramod Kumawat

‘Tejas changed our way of approaching problems. My communication skills have improved immensely.’

Pramod Kumawat shares the changes he has experienced in Maharashtra, India, and himself as a result of the Tejas project.

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Ruchi Sengar

Resource person, Central Board of Secondary Education, India

‘I can literally see the bulb on their head light up! It’s just a question of giving teachers direction because they know their subject.’

Ruchi Sengar explains how she is changing attitudes and assessment in India with the support of a British Council and Central Board of Secondary Education project.

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