Andhra Pradesh Developing English Language Teaching

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Unicef and the British Council have been working in partnership on various English Language Teacher Education and Development Programmes in South India. This project, Developing English Language Teaching - Andhra Pradesh ( AP- DELT) project is an initiative by the project partners to improve the quality of teaching and learning of English in primary classrooms across the state. 


This project is designed as a pilot to an intended large scale state-wide teacher development project for Andhra Pradesh to support English language teacher training and development. This pilot phase includes training and development of primary teachers in four districts of Andhra Pradesh - Chitoor, Kurnool, West Godavari and Viziayanagaram. This pilot phase sets the stage for a long term engagement between Andhra Pradesh SSA, Unicef and British Council covering 13 districts of the state over 3 years of the project span. The project objectives are:

  • to equip the selected Master Trainers (MTs) with the training and mentoring competencies to ensure the effective delivery of English training courses to primary teachers.
  • to develop the fluency and confidence of the spoken English of the MTs to enable them to conduct training programmes in English effectively. 
  • to build a sustainable infrastructure of self-access English materials to support the Continuing Professional Development of teachers.

Key Activities

In the pilot phase, Master Trainers will be identified and trained directly by the British Council. This cohort of Master Trainers will further train primary government school teachers across the four districts (Chitoor, Kurnool, West Godavari and Viziayanagaram) of Andhra Pradesh during the first year of the project, 2014 -15.

  • 120 Master Trainers have been identified and trained from the four districts (Viziayanagaram, Chitoor, Kurnool and West Godavari)
  • the 120 Master trainers will further train 5000 Primary Teachers
  • monitoring and evaluation of impact and project outcomes at every stage of the project.


  • 120 Master Trainers attended a 10 day Master Trainer (MT) development programme to develop their skills and knowledge in how to use interactive, learner-centred and activity-based teaching methodologies and implement new techniques in their teaching as well as in training teachers and also developed mentoring skills so that they can effectively support other trainers and teachers
  • 5000 primary school teachers will have participated in a five day course, spread out through day-release over 5 weeks to develop their skills and knowledge in using interactive, learner-centred and activity-based teaching methodologies and implement new techniques in their classrooms
  • The trained MTs and teachers will have become better able to reflect on their own performance and evaluate their own teaching sessions and undertaken activities to contribute to their own Continuing Professional Development.