Festivals Academy is a professional development programme covering core skills of festival business management and arts practice. It is aimed at developing entrepreneurial capacity for the burgeoning festivals' enterprise economy in India.

The Festivals Academy is for emerging festival managers and creative leaders working alongside established festivals and arts leaders.

In 2019, we led a series of professional development residency courses with access to international arts management and creative opportunity working with various festival partners in Goa and Guwahati.

Festivals Academy alumnus will be networked through a partnership with Dara - a digital app that enables artists to connect with each other, supported by the British Council.

In 2020-21 the Festivals Academy will be developed for the digital age. An online platform will be developed for festival managers and creative leaders with expert trainers and festival directors running the arts management training course in the UK and India.

Here's a glimpse of Festivals Academy 2019