Through the India-UK Collaboration Scheme, Crafting Futures in India brings together Indian and UK partners to co-develop and collaborate on projects which explore new futures for craft in India and investigate the following questions: 

  • What are new ecosystems for craft? How can traditional skills, contemporary design and enterprise come together to create new systems?
  • How can craft be a route to women’s empowerment and leadership?
  • How can craft address global environmental challenges?
  • How can craft tourism ensure craft is widely appreciated?
  • What possibilities does digital technology bring to craft? 

The projects will develop and strengthen the craft sector in India and provide models of practice and collaboration which could strengthen the craft sector globally, while enhancing or creating new networks between the UK and India.

Meet the recipients of Crafting Futures India - UK Collaboration Scheme 2019-20:

Culture Aangan and Applied Arts Scotland

About the project

Culture Aangan and Applied Arts Scotland jointly proposed the delivery of a four-phased, specifically tailored, vocational training project to be delivered to the Pinguli Puppetry Artisans in the village of Pinguli in Maharashtra. Over a fourteen month period, the project would aim to help in the sustainable development of Puppetry in Pinguli, and provide craft skills within the connected community. 

Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute and Goldsmiths, University of London

About the project

Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI) and Goldsmiths, University of London are coming together to train and empower women artisans working at SSMI through sustainable processes in crafts such as design and the creative process, natural dyeing techniques and exploring the future of their craft. Goldsmiths will run a six-week design workshop for key craftswomen who have migrated to Delhi from different states of India bringing their wide spectrum of craft, skills and stories with them.

UnBox Cultural Futures Society and FutureEverything

About the project

Unbox Cultural Futures and FutureEverything are partnering to revive and revitalise the urban 'living' crafts and develop opportunities for valuable collaborations that upskill urban craftsmen or practitioners of hand skills. The project explores innovative intersections between the creative and digital community and how urban skills can find new directions with technology for the furthering of craft that is local and sustainable.

Pearl Academy and Manchester Metropolitan University

About the project

Pearl Academy and Manchester Metropolitan University are coming together to improve the livelihoods of highly skilled craftswomen in Gujarat through new product designs for an Indian and European market, knowledge sharing workshops and use of modern marketing methods. The partnership will engender influence and recognition on a global scale and build a new generation of craftswomen who will carry forward the invaluable art of Indian embroidery.

Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC) and British Ceramics Biennial/The Clay Foundation (TCF)

About the project

Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre, India and the Clay Foundation, UK are collaborating to develop an international artists’ residency with the pottery families of Gundiyali in Gujarat. The project aims to sustain and develop contemporary ceramics practice in India and the UK, foster creative dialogue between the two cultures and transform Gundiyali as an immersive tourism experience for the visitors.

Khamir and Fieldwork

About the project

Khamir and Fieldwork are collaborating to revive and strengthen the local economy around wool in the Kutch region. Under the project, Khamir and Fieldwork procure local wool from India and Wales respectively for processing and production by the local spinners and weavers in Kutch. While Khamir works with the grassroot communities to manage the supply chain and manufacturing, Fieldwork supports the product designing, marketing and liaising with the government and educational institutions.