Saturday, 8 July 2023 -
10:00am to 1:00pm

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Join the exciting new online workshop to learn powerful management techniques for transforming your workspace.

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Workshop name: Mindset Matters : Developing a Mindset for Success

Date and time: 8 July 2023, 10 AM to 1 PM

Workshop Overview

Mindsets can influence how people behave in a wide range of situations. In the workplace and in our personal lives, there are two specific types of mindsets, or attitudes,that can either promote personal growth and resilience or hamper an employee's performance. People with a growth mindset achieve ever-higher levels of productivity and can help themselves and their organizations thrive; by contrast, people with a fixed mindset tend not to develop professionally, and may also hinder both individual and organization's goals.

Join this high energy workshop, to learn about the characteristics of a growth mindset and how to distinguish it from a fixed mindset because the mind is a flexible mirror that can be adjusted to see a better world. You'll also explore methods of developing mindsets for success for both your personal and professional growth that can benefit both you and your organization. 

Key Learning Objectives

After this workshop participants will be able to ;

  • Identify characteristics of a growth mindset – The What ?        

  • Distinguish between a fixed and a growth mindset and understand its importance in a fast changing and volatile world – The Why?        

  • Identify key habits that foster a long term growth mindset – The How?      

  • Recognize key characteristics that signify that a growth mindset exists within the workplace culture.         

  • Identify actions that encourage and embrace a growth mindset in everyday work – life.

Who can attend?

Professionals, Teachers and everyone who want to develop and embrace a growth mindset and develop a psychology for success. 

For any further queries, you can write to Shuvadeep at or call him at 9830381023.

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