Covid-19 affected our lives in different ways - how we learnt, worked, socialised, ate and shopped. While some of these changes taught us how to adapt to a crisis, others were not always for the better. 

Our diets have the biggest impact on our health. A series of articles published in the BBC Good Food magazine and academic studies done during the pandemic indicates that people consumed more unhealthy snacks, sugary drinks and desserts than before the pandemic. 

Dr Rupy Auil, bestselling author and medical doctor at NHS, runs an efficacious campaign about how food and nutrition play a crucial part in our general health and wellbeing and how important it is for every household to take care of this during the pandemic. He adds that the nutritional quality of the food depends on the ingredients we use, as well as the cooking process we follow. 

In his bestseller Doctor's Kitchen 3-2-1, Dr Rupy introduces his simple 3-2-1 formula for cooking healthy meals. 3-2-1 is an incredibly easy-to-follow health prescription in which a dish follows the principle of using 3 portions of fruit and vegetables per person, 2 servings per meal and uses only 1 pan. Over 100 of his creative recipes are guided by the scientific evidence that one must eat plenty of colourful vegetables, lots of fibre, and whole grains. His 3-2-1 recipes are quick, gorgeous looking, flavourful, helps to beat illness and very cleverly formulated to require only one pan! Start cooking the 3-2-1 way and share this formula for long-lasting health. 

Award-winning British nutritionist and renowned author of 16 recipe and health books, Christine Bailey is yet another relentless campaigner offering tons of advice on creating delicious nourishing recipes for a long and healthy life. 

Christine’s book Lift Your Mood with Power Food is a well-organised book and an excellent read. She presents extensive advice and tasty recipes to enable us to harness the natural power of food and boost our mood. Specialised chapters provide practical nutritional advice and show how a range of conditions, from depression to difficulty in sleeping, and common disorders can be overcome simply and effectively through improvements in diet.  

So, start cooking Dr Rupy’s 3-2-1 way and lift your mood with Christine’s power food for long-lasting health.

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