Developing a love for reading in young children is incredibly important, but it can be challenging at times. If you have been struggling to know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

From bedtime stories to classics to comics and more, these books have proven to click with kids of all ages, and can encourage them to become lifelong readers.

  1. Billionaire Bairn by David Walliams: David Walliams’s books are full of fun and imagination and the Billionaire Bairn series is no exception. Read this hilarious and touching story about the world’s richest and loneliest lad Joe Spud, who soon learns money isn’t everything.
  2. The monster in the lake by Louie Stowell: If your child loves magic then this is the perfect book. Join Kit - the youngest wizard in the world and her two best friends along with a local librarian, in their journey as they set off to investigate and save the world.
  3. The day the world went Loki by Robert J Harris: Spark your child’s imagination with this fantasy-filled story in which Lewis and Greg accidentally turn their mum into a troll and their town gets overrun by yetis, elves, dragons, and Valkyries, when they recite a spell to conjure up an extra day of the week and end up calling the banished Norse god Loki – the master of mischief, monsters and mayhem.
  4. The bolds go wild by Julian Clary: In this funny and clever story Fred's mother, Granny Imamu visited the Bolds and disapproves of everything they ask for. Find out what mischief the Ganny is up to.
  5. The adventures of Swashbuckle Lil by Elli Woollard: Imaginative, witty, entertaining and fun, this book comprises of two rip-roaringly rhyming, brilliantly told stories. A must-read for your little ones!