July 1 marks Doctors’ day in India to recognise and celebrate the valuable contribution made by doctors in the community. Their role has become even more crucial during the present day as the world is battling the Covid-19 pandemic, with the doctors and medical workers at the fore front.

The difference made by doctors in our individual lives is hard to quantify. Let’s celebrate it together with these movies and audio books from our online library:

 1. Her Favourite Patient (Movie)

A beautiful female doctor visits her small hometown on her way back to Chicago. Her overworked uncle, who is the town's doctor, wants her to stay and help him, and he and a macho test pilot who's fallen for her come up with a plan that involves the pilot faking an illness and being treated by her, with her uncle's "help"

2. A Day Without Cancer (Movie)

Produced in association with The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, the film gives an overview of where we stand in the fight against cancer through interviews with researchers, patients, doctors and those in the forefront of fundraising. Princess Margaret is one of the top five cancer hospitals in the world.

3.  Beyond the Soul (Movie)

‘Beyond the Soul’ tells the story of an American physician, Dr. Lewis, who travels to India in search of a cure for his patient's fatal and mysterious illness. The physician's quest leads him to the Acharya - a human fount of traditional knowledge and mysticism - whose humbling explanations confound the doctor's scientific and rational mind. And then, the visions begin and Dr Lewis is led beyond his reasoning and beliefs into himself. It's a journey of the human soul - a journey as inconceivably startling as it is enlightening.

 4. Holiday SOS - The Life-Saving Adventures of a Travelling Doctor (Audio Book)

Doctor Ben MacFarlane flies around the world picking up the pieces when Britons get into trouble abroad. A must-read for anyone who enjoys real-life stories. Who do you call if it all goes wrong on holiday? Meet Doctor Ben MacFarlane – a very modern flying doctor. His job is to get on a plane and bring patients home after holiday disasters, gap year crises, embarrassing incidents on business trips and all the other things that can go wrong when we head overseas. Holiday SOS is his extraordinary story. It’s a unique medical memoir of the people he helps - and a year in the life of one of the world’s most frequent flyers! “Will have you engrossed” - SUNDAY HERALD. “This book is packed with tales of derring-do ... a riveting read.” THE INDEPENDENT.

 5. There A Doctor Here? (Audio Book)

The two bestselling memoirs (London Call-Out and Doctor In The House) from London GP Alex Rudd, brought together in one hilarious and touching box set. A man who has injured himself trying out his girlfriend's waxing treatment. The inimitable curiosity of a boy whose cactus has left his hand in a mess. More Googled self-diagnoses than one can count. These are the cases that Rudd faces daily. As hilarious as they are poignant, the memoirs showcase some of the most baffling, as well as heart-breaking, stories that any doctor and their patients have had to experience. Alex Rudd is a GP who now works as a locum in a variety of surgeries in London and the rest of the country. His name has been changed to protect the identity of his patients and colleagues.

 6. The Good Doctor of Warsaw (Audio Book)

Deeply in love and about to marry, students Misha and Sophia flee from Warsaw, under Nazi occupation, for a chance at freedom. Forced to return to the Warsaw ghetto they help Misha's mentor, Dr Korczak, care for the two hundred children in his orphanage. As the noose tightens around the ghetto, Misha and Sophia are torn from one another, forcing them to face their worst fears alone. Meanwhile, refusing to leave the children unprotected, Korczak must confront a terrible darkness.