The quarantine has forced all of us to stay indoors with endless unproductive hours and very little to do to keep us busy. But here’s the deal – why not turn those unfruitful hours into an excellent opportunity to build on your skills and upgrade your knowledge that can enhance your personal life or professional career. 

Here’s the list of self- development modules most loved by our library members that’ll help you hone your skills to transform your life for better. 

So, grab your notepads & coffee and ‘Get, set productive’!

1) Career Oriented: From ‘Business Writing’ to ‘How do I become a more effective writer’ to ‘how to better manage your time’; we have got a wide range of courses that’ll help you progress in your career.

2) Design skills: Upgrade your designing skills with ‘Adobe animate cc 2017- basics’ and ‘Illustrator training’ to design professional looking illustrations, vector graphics and animation, online video, animated Web sites, web apps and more. If you love to write, then you can choose ‘Creating a Blog with WordPress’ and deep dive into creating posts on WordPress. 

3) Mobile device software: Train yourself with latest mobile software like ‘Adobe Spark Essentials’, ‘iOS11’, ‘Using the Photos App on Your Apple Device’ that’ll help you use your mobile effectively.

4) Programming: Interested in programming? Then you must dive into these courses - ‘Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud 2018’, ‘Microsoft SQL’ and ‘Basics of JAVA’ to excel the programming world.

5) Software and Technology: Gather knowledge about top software’s that are used most commonly by organisations like ‘Office 365’, ‘Teams’, ‘Moodle’ etc. and become a confident person at work.