Amidst all that social distancing, we are fully aware that this year, father’s day celebration is going to be totally different, as you can’t go out with your father. But, staying at home doesn't mean that you can’t make it special and fun. 

We have put together an ideal quarantine Father's Day movie list for you and your father to spend some quality time together, as you munch on your favourite snacks and sip on your favourite drinks. So, even though you're at home this Father's Day, it doesn't mean the holiday needs to be boring.

  1. Paper hearts – A short movie about how a dysfunctional father and son make a surprising discovery about each other. 
  2. The Contract –The Contract tells the story of a father willing to sacrifice everything to fulfil a promise made to his dying wife. 
  3. My Father's Son – A story about a father and his orphanage son who become stranded in the desert overnight. Finding themselves blood-related strangers, they must now face the past and any possibility of a future together. 
  4. Father - In Father, the reality of life is turned upside down to create an impossible dialogue between a child and a father that never happens. 
  5. Life with father – A story about a financier from New York rules his large family, consisting of his wife and his four sons, with the meticulousity of a bookkeeper.