Do you have the hunger to seek truth and gain knowledge? Then you must read academic researches. We have a huge collection across various topics, but we would like you to go through these 5 recommendations.

Instead of just looking at the famous ones or the ones popular among researchers and their circles, we have an interesting gauge of which research our library members were more interested in. Here read them for yourself! 

  • If you are fascinated in knowing how different drugs and foods impact our neurons and thus their behaviour and consequently how one feels and thinks, you would enjoy reading: ‘Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings’
  • If Pasta is your favourite food too, just like everyone else, then you might like ‘Pasta: The Story of a Universal Food’ to discover the history of your dear food. This will tell you how it originated and evolved throughout.
  • Author Brian Tracy, having over thirty years of experience and knowledge, has presented a set of principles that lie behind the success of large and small enterprises in ‘The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires: How to Achieve Financial Independence Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible’
  • ‘75 Greatest Management Decisions Ever Made’ by Stuart Crainer, brings a collection of management decisions that changed the world. He looks at the management in its widest sense, drawing stories from around the world and throughout the ages. 
  • If you believe in healthy food and healthy eating this book ‘The Oxford Book of Health Foods’ by J.G. Vaughan and P.A. Judd has details about individual health foods and dietary supplements. The text is supplemented throughout by beautifully drawn botanical illustrations.