As part of the India/UK Together, a Season of Culture we invite you to a panel discussion focusing on the role of culture in language learning. We will discuss the concept of culture in language learning, the opportunities for policy intervention and classroom practices that celebrate diversity. Panelists will share their own experiences in this moderated discussion which will be accompanied by interaction with the audience.

The event will also include insights from research commissioned by the British Council and conducted by Cambridge Partnership for Education. The research, An analysis of representation in the English curricula of the UK and India, determined the extent to which the other country is represented and what form this representation takes, particularly in relation to diversity and contemporary life.

Research project: Sarah Nelson, Cambridge Partnership for Education


  • Maya Menon – The Teacher Foundation
  • Dr Dhir Jhingran – Language and Learning Foundation
  • Dr Ravinarayan Chakrakodi – Regional Institute of English, Bengaluru
  • Abigail Barnett – Cambridge Partnership for Education


Dr Amol Padwad - Professor & Director, Centre for English Language Education, Dr B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi.


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Note: this event will be accompanied by sign language interpretation and will be livestreamed on the British Council YouTube channel: British Council - YouTube