117 Ministers from 118 Countries came together in May this year at the Education World Forum (EWF) 2023 in London to share knowledge, expertise, and knowhow on improving policy and systemic provisions in education. The theme was, New Beginnings: nurturing learning culture, building resilience, promoting sustainability, stronger, bolder, better education by design. EWF 2023 addressed how education has changed, what are the learning post a global disruption. The programme also addressed building resilience among people, organisations and systems for learning and education.

From India, the delegation of high-level government officials from Assam, Maharashtra and Telangana participated in the conference. They found the experience enriching and informative. Through bilateral meetings with government officials from other countries, they were able to share and learn about different education policies and initiatives. Meeting and networking with education experts, organisations and Institutions gave them a glimpse into UK’s education expertise and leadership especially in research, innovation, and digital technology and equally showcased the revolutionary changes being brought about by the NEP.

Participating officials said, “we learned about the strengths and weaknesses of education systems” and “we have learned about the importance of foundational learning and implementing polices to support it”.

Visits to school and higher education institutions in the UK gave the delegation the opportunity to better understand the diverse Education policies and practices in the UK.

Read more about EWF - https://www.theewf.org/