Building stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education systems

Going Global Partnership programme promotes collaboration and innovation in teaching and learning and Transnational Education in Higher Education Institutions between India and the UK. The overarching aim of the Going Global Partnerships programme is to catalyse new teaching and learning partnerships that will allow more Indian students to experience the UK education system and global learning approaches.

The overall expected outcomes of the programme focus on:

  • Enabling research and Increased mobility: supporting research, knowledge, and innovation collaboration to address local and global challenges and promote inclusive growth. Increased mobility to and from the UK by students, graduates, and staff of Higher Education Institutions.
  • Internationalising higher education: creating an enabling environment while supporting institutions and individuals to benefit from internationalisation.  Increased scale and effectiveness of joint teaching programmes including virtual delivery and collaborative teaching, semester abroad, development of shared understanding of assessments and curriculum development that will allow more students with lesser economic means to experience international education. 
  • Strengthening higher education systems: improving the quality and efficiency of institutions and systems. Contributions to wider reform processes through creating greater awareness of quality assurance, compliance, relevant tools, evaluative frameworks, and access.
  • Enhancing student outcomes: improving the qualities of global graduates (e.g., soft skills, employability, community outcomes). Students, graduates, and academicians develop an international perspective through the shared experience of international education as a part of their course towards their qualification. 



  1. Industry Academia collaborative grant call 2022-23 - The objective of the grant is to catalyse industry academia partnerships that will allow academia and industry to work in sync, prepare work ready workforce, reduce on the job training cost, and make learners more employable. To view the result, please click on “List of Successful Partnerships – Industrial Academia Collaborative Grant 2022-23” under the download section. 
  2. Exploratory Top-up Grant 2022-23 – Expression of Interest (EoI) were invited for the “Top-up Grant” from the Exploratory Grant(EG) awardees of the year 2021-2022. The objective of this grant was to support existing partnerships and projects in creating strong plans for transnational education and teaching collaborations. To view the result, please click on “List of Successful Partnerships – Top-up Grant” under the download section.