British Council 

Global Cities of Culture Report

The Creative Economy Roundtable on Global Cities of Culture brought to life the thoughts, ideas, and collective aspirations centred on developing resilient infrastructure, and public-private partnership networks for the creative economies of both countries as part of UK-India’s living bridge.

A focussed group of experts, researchers, policymakers and artists from both countries contributed towards envisioning a vibrant and inclusive space for city development and cultural entrepreneurship in the country. With India taking the lead on the global stage with the G20 presidency under the theme “One World, One Family, One Future”, the roundtable discussions aimed to create a common platform for optimising on India and the UK’s expertise in the domain of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs).

The roundtable held on August 24, 2023, in New Delhi, is part of the larger dialogue and series of conversations hosted by the British Council and anchored around the creative economy to guide and support joint global cities of culture policy in India. In alignment with SDG 113, the Creative Economy Roundtable on Global Cities of Culture was part of continuing efforts to accelerate the paradigm shift to create, develop, and nurture a model that strengthens cultural innovation, develops creative organisations, deepens networks, and nurtures the cultural and heritage economy of the country. The platform sought to explore innovative avenues to harness the potential of the orange economy for sustainable development in India.

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