Explore the evolving landscape of English as a global language, highlighting regional variations and the role of technology in language learning through our events and workshops 

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Future of English 

British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 

Monday 19 February 2024 to Wednesday 17 April 2024 

Opening hours - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, closed on Sundays and national holidays  



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21 February 2024


To what extent is employment driving the future of English

Let’s bridge the gap between learned skills and workplace demands! Whether it’s updating curricula, providing training opportunities, or taking charge of our own learning journeys, together we can navigate this ever-evolving world of work with confidence and success. 

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24 February 2024


Teaching English in a multilingual classroom 

The workshop will focus on teaching English in a Multilingual class and will explore how to:

  • get to know your learners.
  • plan for multilingual lessons. 
  • use activities from coursebooks to teach multilingual learners.  

  Lina Mukhopadhyay

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9 March 2024         


Multilingual Education: Opportunities for Teaching, Learning and Assessment 


  •  Multilingual Education and its implementation in teaching, learning and assessment in primary school classrooms.
  •  MLE in Teaching: Lesson plan models and findings from Hyderabad pilot studies
  •  MLE in Learning: Reading comprehension outcomes and the use of multimodal (oral and written) pedagogical approaches in the classroom
  •  MLE in Assessment: the implementation of multilingual dynamic assessment and promising findings for future use.

  Prof. Ianthi M. Tsimpli, Victoria A. Murphy, Prof Dr. Jacopo Torregrossa

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19 March 2024

Session on AI and English language teaching  

This session will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for English language teaching and learning globally through findings from a new British Council report. We will also look at what these findings mean for teachers and learners. Some practical tips for teachers to use AI for teaching English will also be covered.

Radhika Gholkar

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Classroom 8 and 9 (Ground Floor) Register here
20 March 2024

What role does English play in a multilingual reality?


Amy Lightfoot