Wednesday, 22 February 2017 -
3:30pm to 5:30pm

Programme overview:

Your ‘attitude’ speaks powerfully. Whether your customers buy from you or not is first dependent on your attitude, followed by your product. The ability to be positive at all times is the one thing that will ensure you're a winner in the end. When you are positive, people will find you irresistible. People will remember you not for how much money you made or for your success, but for how you handled life and made others feel. Your attitude and your ability to have a positive influence on the attitudes of others will affect not only your sales, but every area of your life. 

Join us for this video-screening session and explore this with us.   


After this event you will be able to:

•  Build a positive attitude

•  Maintain enthusiasm

•  Understand relationships

•  Understand people

Learning Objectives

•  To consider positive attitude  as a key to professional success

•  To discuss maintaining a positive personal presence 

•  To learn that selling is based on relationship building

•  To become aware of appropriate body language and its influence in various roles

Programme outline

The programme will guide participants through the following stages.

•  What is a positive attitude and how does one cultivate it

•  How do enthusiasm and confidence affect success

•  How to sell yourself to people

•  How important is relationship building to this process

•  What is the importance of body language in this process

Training methodology

•  Watching and responding to videos 

•  Role Plays – short, sharp, impromptu practice activities 

•  Pair work and group discussions 

•  Reflecting and sharing business and social challenges and successes

Who should attend

The programme is open to all who mix socially and professionally with others.

Session fees: 

Library organisational members: 3 or more participants at INR 500 per participant. 

Individual registration: INR 750 per participant for members of the library. 

INR 1200 per participant for non-members of the library. 

For further details and registrations please contact Naveen Kumar at 8939849829 or mail at

Limited seats available. Early applicants will receive priority.


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